Suvarov, Cook Islands


Barely distinguishable as we approach from the east, the low atoll of Suvarov is a legendary landfall amongst sailors cruising the South Pacific. For years it was the home of New Zealander Tom Neale, who lived there in solitude, but welcomed any passing yachts who called in to visit. As well as a floating community of fellow visiting cruisers, a caretaker family from one of the neighbouring islands of the Cook Islands group was in residence ashore during our visit. We were invited ashore for barbeques and they were keen to guide us around the motus and reefs which are now nature reserves. Going spearfishing in the pass with them was a very memorable experience for Helmut. Maybe the sharks he saw also have a memory of the encounter....Our south seas cruising continued onwards to Samoa and Tonga, where we explored extensively and enjoyed learning more about local customs.   

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