Ilha Marajo - Amazonas, Brazil

From Forteleza we move around to Belem, capital of the Amazonas region. Entering the mouth of the mighty Amazon is exciting, and the closer we get to Belem, the heavier the traffic becomes. The Amazon river is literally a waterborne highway, transporting all manner of goods and people, in all manner of craft. After some days anchored off the swanky yacht club we are ready to head into the smaller waterways that encircle the mid delta island of Marajo. Encompassing an area as big as Switzerland, this is no small island, and the maze like network of waterways surrounding it offer plenty of alternatives to pass along. A month on, and plenty of adventures later, we are through to Macapa and exiting through canal do norte, back out into the clean water and long swells of the Atlantic.  

Amazonas Impressions

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