Trinidad - Caribbean

We close in on the coastline again soon though, this time to check out French Guiana and the infamous Devil's Island prison just offshore from the coastal town of Kourou. We restock first in Kourou, French supermarkets are a real treat, and check out the European Space Centre's rocket launching facility outside the town before anchoring off the Iles du Salut. The horror of the island groups past history as an inhumane jail is still evident in drawings on the chapel walls and the concrete solitary confinement cells which are slowly being reclaimed by the encroaching jungle. Next stop is Paramaribo, in Suriname, formally Dutch Guyana, then our first Caribbean Island, Tobago. Soon we move on to her big sister, Trinidad, and settle into Hummingbird Marina, a small complex owned by Trinidad's first circumnavigator, Harold la Borde. Helmut and I fly to Germany for a few weeks, in Cuxhaven we attend the annual dinner of "Transocean", the German sailing club we belong to, and are presented with an award for our circumnavigation. On our return we immerse ourselves in the culture of the Trinidadian steel pan, the musical instrument made from discarded steel drums. Helmut learns the basics from some local musicians and when we begin heading north towards Grenada we have a new instrument on board, or rather two; the battered second hand pan that Helmut has learnt on as well as  a shiny new chromed one.  

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