Fremantle -  Australia             


Luck was on our side this time and we make it right through to Fremantle by mid March, just as the westerlies begin to blow. Its been a good trip, with the exception of a hold up on the Victorian coastline when a rope damages the saildrive, necessitating hauling Fallado out in a local Gippsland slipway. Once we leave there, we clock up the miles quickly, skirting along the Victorian coastline, then jumping off from Kangaroo Island and making it right across the Bight to Esperance. From Esperance, our next leg takes us around Australia's great southern Cape, Cape Leeuwin, and brings us into the Indian Ocean. Once we arrive in Fremantle we spend several months enjoying the hospitality of the Fremantle Sailing Club while overhauling Fallado for the next big leg, right across the Indian Ocean. 

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