Patagonian Channels, Chile

As we sailed northwards through the interconnecting waterways of Chile's Patagonian Channels, we were constantly aware of the majesty of the raw forces of nature. Together  with our friends on the schooner Siome, we marveled at the immense power of a massive wall of ice cracking and thundering down into the pristine waters below the  wall of icy blue glacier that towered up above. We snuck into secure little nooks when the wind began to blow with such force that entire banks of trees would be uprooted and flung aside on any exposed pieces of coast. We cooked succulent shellfish in pools of naturally boiling water, and collected the sweetest rain water from huge waterfalls, or melted chunks of glacier ice on the days when the sun shone bright and clear. In short, we felt really privileged to be able to experience the wilds of Patagonia in all of her moods.  

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