We are happy to be heading northwards again. One place we have always wanted to see is Minerva Reef, a mid ocean reef where you can anchor with not a speck of land in sight. We pause for a couple of days in South Minerva, then sail on to Suva, Fiji's capital. In Suva we are fortunate to obtain permission to sail to the Lau group, the eastern group of islands that has for some years been off limits to cruising yachts. On one island we are the first white people the children have ever seen. Meryle's fair skin and blonde hair are a real fascination to these delightfully curious children. Fallado is overloaded with tropical fruit and vegetables given to us by all the friendly locals. We reciprocate with gifts of books and writing materials for their schools and Helmut is kept busy doing maintenance on entire village populations of outboard engines.  

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