Fernando de Noronha - South Atlantic Ocean

We are really in the mood for a party when we drop anchor in this magical spot. Just 24 hours before our landfall we have achieved something pretty noteworthy. Fallado has crossed her outbound track, thus completing a circumnavigation lasting 5 years, 294 days, 17 hours and twenty minutes...When we  had first sailed over that spot in the featureless ocean, almost six years earlier, we could not have imagined how significant those co ordinates would become..4 degrees 12 minutes south, 31 degrees seven minutes west... And now we were at anchor off an island of gently swaying palms, with a population of carefree Brazilians. We party hard, swim with the pod of resident dolphins, and sail on to another pristine spot, Atoll das Rocas, before checking into mainland Brazil, this time the northeastern city of Fortaleza.  

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