Cape Town - South Africa

We intend to make the Hout Bay marina, on the southern side of the city, our base for a while, but one night a deep sea fishing boat with a drunken skipper at the helm hits Fallado's starboard bow, pushing her into the pontoon behind. The catamaran beside us is cut in two and sunk, so we are thankful the damage to Fallado is not greater, however we must move to the Royal Cape Yacht Club's haul out facility to repair her. The repair yard are not willing to start repairs until they have the insurance money from the fishing boat, after protracted negotiations we can eventually start the job. It is very late in the season when we are ready to leave, the other cruising boats have left months before. Instead of attempting a direct passage out into the South Atlantic towards the island of St Helena, we make the decision to head northwards, hugging the coastline. That way, if one of the strong winter cold fronts comes pummeling through, we still have the option of running into a harbour for shelter  


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