Luderitz- Namibia

In the end, the wind stays light, dropping out to almost nothing as we head up the fog bound coast. We decide on calling into Luderitz, the neighboring country of Namibia's southernmost harbour. Formally the German colony of Southwest Africa, then governed by South Africa, Namibia became independent in 1990. Luderitz is a town steeped in its early colonial history. German architecture dominates and the shops that line Bismarkstrasse (the main street) sell plenty of German style goods. At the small Yacht Club we are lucky enough to meet Giel, a local who takes us in his 4WD on a three day tour into the awe inspiring desert interior. When we move further up the coast to Walvis Bay, his friends there adopt us and show us even more, including chauffeuring us to Etosha National Park, where the wildlife viewing is second to none. After enjoying such wonderful local hospitality, Namibia is a country hard to say goodbye to.  

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