Cape Horn, Chile              

The fantastic feeling of achievement when we dropped the anchor in the small bight on the eastern coastline of Isla de Hornos was something that will stay with us forever. Fallado, along with our friends on the schooner Siome, had sailed around the wild and inhospitable Cape Horn, and now we were even going to be able to make a landing on this windblown island and climb up to stand right beside its famous lighthouse. It hadn't been an easy ride. Conditions as we sailed southwards along the Argentinean coast had turned from fair to foul, forcing us to seek shelter from 60 knot plus winds by running for the harbour of San Julian. And again, later, once we had passed through the Strait of Le Maire and we had thought we could make a direct run for the Cape, a storm that came out of nowhere had us battling to reach some form of shelter on nearby Isla Deceit. With all that behind us now, we really relished in the thought that Fallado and her crew had achieved something to be  proud of. We had put Fallado to the test and she had performed beautifully.  

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