Kilifi - Kenya

Both Helmut and I are brimming with excitement as we close in on the African coast. Our first landfall in this exciting new continent was to be a small village, on the shores of a pretty creek. We time our arrival badly however, as looking into the sun, we can't pick out the leading marks and have to be led in via radio instructions from Tony, a local resident and ham radio operator that we had first "met" on the airwaves as we began our crossing of the Indian Ocean. Its great to meet him in person, and we spend several months on anchor below his waterfront home as we explore Kenya, even making a plane trip back to Europe, confident Fallado is in safe hands. Once back aboard, we swap information with other cruising boats, many of whom have sailed up the coast from South Africa enroute to the Red Sea. We plan to be in South Africa for the summer, giving us the next few months to meander down the East African coast.


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