Easter Island, Pacific Ocean                

We had been at sea for 19 days, yet neither of us really wanted the passage to end. Sailing on flat seas, with the spinnaker harnessing the steady breeze, we could have happily stayed out there for another three weeks or more. That is if it wasn't for our curiosity being aroused by the interesting green lumps appearing on the horizon. As Easter Island slowly took on a more definable shape, our excitement at making landfall grew. The next three weeks on the island were great. We visited all of the historical sites, admiring the massive stone statues that litter the island. We even saw some fake statues too, modern replicas made of polystyrene for the American movie being made on the island at the time. Also we weathered a storm with several other cruising yachts within the tiny harbour of Hango Piko, and made some great friendships with the local people. Colonized by Chile, but Polynesian in origin, the people of Rapu Nui, as they prefer to be called, are immensely proud of their heritage. We were in turn fascinated by our first contact with a Polynesian culture.  

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